Maybe Children (Including College-Age Ones) Really Are Our Future

Because 7,000 or so of them said ‘no’ to the idea of “Double Digit IQ Hall

From the Dallas Morning News:

More than 7,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition circulated by the Texas A&M University student Senate asking the board of regents not to change the name of the historic Academic Building for Gov. Rick Perry.

In addition, the student newspaper, The Battalion, editorialized against the move, saying it would antagonize the student body.

The editorial suggests students should have had some input to the recommendation. It also agreed that Perry – the most famous Aggie “not named Johnny Manziel” – should be recognized. But with any other building.

“The absurdity of the idea goes well beyond the irony of putting Perry (and his well-documented sub-2.5 GPA) on A&M’s academic hub, which in 2014 celebrates its 100th birthday. The regents shouldn’t name the Academic Building after the governor. Not because he’s not qualified, but because no one is,” the editorial stated.

I’m not sure about that.

All Aggie jokes aside, the university has produced a fair number of top-notch engineers and other high-academic-credential types.  Methinks there are some A&M grads worthy of having their names attached to the Academic Building.

Hell, name it the Reveille Building.

The few times while I was a student at A&M that I took classes with a Corps member who was responsible for the school’s mascot (such duties including having the dog accompany said Corps member to class), Reveille was much better behaved than Rick Perry has been as governor.

Oh – I should be more serious?


With the university’s connection to the military, name it after one of the school’s Medal of Honor winners.


If the university is actually hell bent on naming the Academic Building for non-academic reasons, how about Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winner not named Johnny Manziel?

Or maybe even Lyle Lovett?

Because apparently it isn’t going to be named Governor Goodhair Hall after all.

The Texas A&M University Board of Regents meeting has been cancelled. The only agenda item on the special meeting was honoring Gov. Rick Perry with a resolution and the proposed renaming of the Academic Building.

Gov. Rick Perry is urging the board of regents now not to rename the Academic Building in his honor.

In a speech that Perry is delivering tonight, the governor’s prepared text states, “Upon deep reflection, I have informed the board of regents of my decision to politely decline this great honor.[“]

Kinda like Richard Nixon politely declined to continue being president on Aug. 9, 1974, eh?

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  1. It was a 2.2 GPA?

    I guess we need to expand the horseshoes & hand grenade phrase to include Texas gubanitorial races.

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