A Smokescreen to Hide the Reality of Ongoing Third-Class Citizenship Status in New York State

From the New York Times:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is warning insurance companies that they will no longer be allowed to deny gender reassignment surgery or other treatment to change a person’s gender, like hormone therapy, if a doctor has deemed that treatment medically necessary.

In a letter being sent to insurance companies this week, the governor said that because state law requires insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, people who are found to have a mismatch between their birth sex and their internal sense of gender are entitled to insurance coverage for treatments related to that condition, called gender dysphoria.

From 2002:


From 2003 to 2014:


The sum of the parts: Thanks in no small part to Cuomo’s refusal to devote any real political muscle to rectifying 2002’s gay-only SONDA, as employers, insurers in New York outside of New York City and a select few other smaller jurisdictions may continue to refuse to hire the trans people who Cuomo is saying must be covered by insurance.


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