Did You Hear the One About the Trans Woman Who Walked Into the Website of What Used to be the Advocate?

So what used to be the Advocate has an item up right now about a right-wing hate group opposing an EEOC nominee over his pro-trans legal interpretation of Title VII – and here’s a screen snap of it:


Nothing problematic, right?

Well, upon first coming to the item’s URL, one must endure an annoyance advertising video.

Okay, just capitalism, right?

It could have been – but when I visited the page, I was hit with an ad for Orbitz.

The good news is that it wasn’t one of the ones with the obnoxious British woman with the gleaming teeth.

The bad news, however, was that for an item about a right-wing hate group lying about the effect of the pro-trans interpretation of Title VII on businesses, the ad was this:


Who says David Goodstein is dead?

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