For Trans Women, Being Dead Doesn’t End the Risk of Being Murdered

Eons ago there was a great – but critically panned – satire of 1970s cop shows, entitled Murder Can Hurt You.  It was just a TV movie and production values could have been better, but it was funny as hell…

at least if you’d wasted far too much time watching network cop shows of the 1970s with equally dubious production values.

Victor Buono as Ironbottom…

Buck Owens as MacSkye…

You get the idea.

Classic – but forgotten.

Unfortunately, the title can now be appropriated for a very non-comedic documentary: Murder Can Hurt You Even if You’re Already Dead – If You’re a Trans Woman.

Jennifer Gable (her legal name) died suddenly of natural causes – and then her relatives murdered her.

Jennifer Gable, an Idaho customer service coordinator for Wells Fargo, died suddenly Oct. 9 on the job at age 32. An aneurysm, according to stunned friends.

Just as shocking, they say, when they went to Gable’s funeral in Twin Falls, Idaho, and saw her in an open casket — hair cut short, dressed in a suit and presented as a man.

“I am disgusted,” Stacy Dee Hudson posted on Facebook.

As everyone should be.


  1. And yet to the family’s defense, Gay Inc, demands any applicant to have ” hair cut short, dressed in a suit and presented as a man”…

    • I think that is the description of the woman who HRC sent out to meet trans protesters against HRC in 2004

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