The Latest Bil Pill


Here are some facts: Not that this alters my animosity toward the pushers of Marriage Derangement Syndrome, but Charles Manson does have more marriage equality than those who live under DOMA laws – just as New York, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Massachusetts LGBs have more basic civil rights than I do as a trans woman.  And Charles Manson is 80, an age that plenty of LGBs and Ts of his generation (and others, of course) were violently prevented from even sniffing.  (And do you want me to mention AIDS?)

The fact that he’s in prison for violently preventing Sharon Tate and several other people from sniffing any birthday that they might have encountered after the summer of 1969 doesn’t change any of that.

But when someone uses the phrase “Oppression Olympics,” you can be sure that one or more of several things is afoot: (1) The person is a minority of some sort running for office as a Republican, (2) the person is gay and is gearing up to fling rationalizations for excluding trans people from ENDA or some other civil rights proposal, (3) the person is trans and is defending Gay, Inc.’s anti-trans-woman hiring practices, or (4) the person is desperate for website traffic.


You be the judge.


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