“if you cant kill trans, you can overshadow it so trans will just go away”

That’s a comment from around the time of Trans Day of Remembrance last year.

This year:


…because all trans organizations are so flush with money (yes, there’s that fake trans organization that HRC owns and that, like all Gay, Inc. entities, hires lesser-qualified non-trans people over better-qualified trans people, but lets ignore it for the moment – and preferably forever) that the memory of trans people (and some non-trans people who were presumed to be) who died via violence can be used to fund an issue that, however worthy it may be of funding, is not connected to the issue of violence against trans people.

I suggest writing this organization a check for zero dollars and zero cents and – tastefully, non-harassingly, without any threat or implication of violence and, most importantly in light of the disrespect inherent in this expressing your feelings about this latest erasive appropriation, respectfully – expressing your feelings about it in the memo line.

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  1. Really ugly, considering that these folks will NOT be arguing for support for a now-unrealizable full-ENDA act… which would mean the mostly “People of Color” working as low-level sex workers who get targeted in these killings and wind up on this list could have regular jobs, even if they were still the shitty low-level jobs the system offers now?

    As it is, what else can they do? People have to live, and most are willing to accept HARD compromises to live as themselves when they suffer from gender dysphoria.

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