At Least the Chicago Daily Tribune Never Tried to Pretend ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ Never Happened


We’ve all seen that, right?

If you follow the link in a previous post here you’ll find:

Hogan stuns Brown in Md. gubernatorial race

Nothing wrong with that (other than the aforementioned unjustified reliance on wacky ol’ “retired” Doc Beyer.)

Or is there?


Note the URL: http:// www. 2014/11/05/ brown-defeats-hogan- md-gubernatorial-race/

Consider the lame quotes that the story that did get published does have – including the ones from wacky ol’ “retired” Doc Beyer – one has to wonder what sort of pre-packaged schlock Queer Channel Media had written up – including some even more sub-Keisling drivel from wacky ol’ “retired” Doc Beyer – well ahead of election day for use with a URL that reads ‘brown defeats Hogan.’



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