Well, That Just About Wraps it Up for Chad Griffin


Ted Cruz is smiling because he did win.

You’re smiling because you can mass e-mail crap like this and know that the worst thing that’s going to happen to you in the next year is collecting a half-million dollars.

I’d guess you’re “just getting started” with learning how to spend all of your truly unearned income.

Yesterday, I said this:

Chad Griffin?  You are Joe Solmonese.

You are Elizabeth Birch.

You are all the rest.

I’m sure HRC’s young, cute Kool-Aid drinkers and Kool-Aid pushers – the ones who sat on the sidelines while Elizabeth Birch and Joe Solmonese were actively blacklisting the generation of trans activists that said young, cute Kool-Aid drinkers and Kool-Aid pushers claim to give a damn about but really don’t – already have Chad-approved, substanceless responses to all who point out the obvious all ready to be e-unleashed.

Such be the perks of having sold out your own people, I reckon.  (What do you get?  Three HRC water bottles instead of the standard one that $35/year membership Kool-Aid-drinkers get?)

But at 10:53 am yesterday, my old AOL e-mail account received irrefutable proof that Chad Griffin is Joe Solmonese is Elizabeth Birch.


Momentum?  That was an HRC(F) chunk o’ nonthingspeak twenty-five years ago!!  You know, even before Queen Elizabeth III started her decade o’ gay money hoovering.


Everything that’s gold is spew again.


No, Chad.

No one should send HRC a penny.

YOU and your organization are the ones who should be tearing out your pockets TO the community – and not just the reparations HRC owes to the trans people that your predecessors-in-interest substantively harmed, but to everyone who your organization has lied to and continues to lie to.

1.5 million members

C’mon, Chad.

Joe had to admit that 600,ooo was a lie almost decade ago (even while lying further by claiming that t-shirt sales didn’t create fake HRC memberships.)

[W]e do count as members individuals who contribute a dollar or more to HRC

And you want people to believe its actually 1.5 million now?

There isn’t that much Kool-Aid in the world, Chad.

Or, maybe there is.

Prowl around Facebook and one can find not just the rich, over-privileged ‘don’t need and probably don’t want ENDA’-class Stepin’ Trans-its cranking out nonsense that can only make thinking people envision them as having faces fully covered in Chad Griffin’s shoe polish (or something of similar hue.)

That’s momentum alright…


…toward 1995.

The fact that the current Joelizabeth is going to allow a few trans women to line their pockets by lying to their own people doesn’t change a thing.

We’ve seen how this works out.

Yes we have.


The only question is: Are we willing to acknowledge what’s really happening or have we already OD’d on Chad-flavored Kool-Aid?


  1. “There is a very good chance the war with HRCF may be coming to a close”.

    It did.

    And as typical, a bigger threat took its place.

    In its stead arose the multi-million dollar donation machine chewing up money in the movement to support its ability to , well, chew up money in the movement…

    At least for a $1 one can absolve themselves of all their latent transphobia…

    • For $1.00, I’d rather buy 1/3 of an overpriced diet coke.

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