“ENDA has about as much chance of passage in a Republican-controlled Congress as Mitch McConnell has of winning RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Actually, if certain rumors about McConnell are true, Mitch has a far better chance of winning on Mr. RuPaul’s show than ENDA does of becoming law during my working life.

As for the rest of Queerty’s thoughts on ENDA:

Two more years of delay doesn’t mean much to a bill that’s been kicking around for nearly two decades, but at some point the stench of failure becomes impossible to remove and the bill becomes a zombie–dead but not buried. It also means that nondiscrimination protections in the workplace will still be hit-or-miss, leaving many states where you can both get married and get fired.

Except  that its not going to be two years.

It was going to be two years to wait in 2007.

How’d that turn out?

Two years…

A Democratic president…

A Senate super-majority (even if only for a few weeks)…

The precise amount of House gain that St. Barney claimed would be needed to pass ENDA…

and all we have to show it are years and years and years and years more of this crap:



Oh yeh – and the one chunk o’ Queerty that is spot-on: Years and years and years and years of being able to be fired for getting married (not to mention being able to be fired even without getting married because your employer who was willing to tolerate you individually is angry about the mere possibility of gay marriage in your state that has no LGBT rights law.)

HRC: Bain Capital for the permanently-employed professionally gay elite of D.C., the diseased love child of Cracker Barrel and Hobby Lobby for everyone else.


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