Thank You HRC…

…for ensuring that there will never be a federal LGBT employment anti-discrimination statute during my working lifetime.

Now, I’ll start off by being fair.  Is HRC solely responsible for the loss of Congress to the christianist party for (at least) the last two years of the Obama Administration?

No.  Not even I’ll go there.

No one can honestly deny that that shards of blame go to an incompetent Democratic Party; a racist Republican ‘news’ channel that has actively worked to undermine American government to a degree that, had it acted in a similar manner only 60 years ago, its ownership and entire staff would have shared the fate of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; a chunk of a scared electorate that has been dumbed down by that racist Republican ‘news’ channel; and an incompetent Democratic Party.

Sorry, but the Dems’ incompetence needed to be mentioned twice.

But blame for the fact that there will never be a federal LGBT employment anti-discrimination statute during my working lifetime plops squarely into the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool.

I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will look back on the President’s address to my community as an affirmation of his pledge to be our ally. I will remember it as the day when we all stood together and committed to finish what Senator Kennedy called our unfinished business. And I am sure of this: on January 19, 2017, I will also look back on many other victories that President Barack Obama made possible.

Joe Solmonese, the instant that the Senate was called for the christianist party tonight, the clock moved forward to one minute past noon on Jan. 20, 2017.

And I see no ENDA in the United States Code.

And Chad Griffin?  You are Joe Solmonese.

You are Elizabeth Birch.

You are all the rest.

Filling the ranks of HRC with trans women who sat on the sidelines during the war that us non-sideline-sitters fought against HRC to force it to at least pretend to have a higher opinion of trans people than Lou Sheldon does is worse than doing nothing to make up for what HRC did to trans people for decades.

Plopping overprivileged trans Kool-Aid drinkers (and peddlers) onto the HRC board – while steadfastly refusing to pony up reparations to those who HRC blacklisted for decades – is even worse.

HRC could have refused to play ball with the immoral ‘everything but ENDA’ agenda of 2009-10.  Instead it was a gold-plated corporate quisling to all but an infinitesimal percentage of its purported constituency, ignoring the needs of the working-class LGBT people of states without existing gay rights laws by instead going all in on a law that will never prevent a single hate crime; saying ‘you don’t count’ to LGBT people who might happen to not be coupled and therefore might not need a syringe full of Marriage Derangement Syndrome; and saying ‘forget about all of that rhetoric about trans issues being problematic because there are so few trans people because it kinda makes us look hypocritical’ when devoting an obscene amount of energy and resources to dealing with the wants of the microscopic percentage of LGBs who want a career in the military.

What was it that Lord Diego of Sanchez, St. Barney’s Royal High Muckety Muck and Transphobia Amulet to the Blind laughingly lamented about ENDA four years ago?

We just ran out of time

Too bad for the 99% of LGBTs who don’t live in DC or its Maryland suburbs or New York or Massachusetts and who don’t want anything to do with the military and who have enough functioning grey matter to know not only that while employment anti-discrimination laws don’t prevent all discrimination they do prevent some but also that no hate crime law has ever prevented a hate crime and no hate crime law ever will, eh?

Too bad for the 99% of LGBTs who are not part of the permanently-employed gay (in)activism elite, eh?

Too bad for those of us who have basic personal economic concerns that aren’t as gourmet as the desires of the Rhode Island Avenue-oids, eh?

Too bad for those of us who are reality-centric enough to know that the next Democratic presidency will not start on Jan. 20, 2017 but rather Jan. 20, 2025 at the earliest, eh?

Too bad for those of us who are old enough that even if ENDA passes and becomes law on Jan. 21, 2025, it just won’t matter.

And so, I say it again: Joe Solmonese, the instant that the Senate was called for the christianist party tonight, the clock moved forward to one minute past noon on Jan. 20, 2017.

I think the entirety of the LGBT community is owed a refund for every penny that you were paid – even if not for your whole tenure, then certainly every penny you undeservedly earned after telling all of us in non-permanently-employed-land to STFU and wait until the end of the Obama Administration to complain.

Well, for LGBT people, it just ended – and unless Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas suddenly cease being a part of the Supreme Court and have replacements confirmed before Jan. 3, 2015, it ended for everyone else tonight as well.

Another eight-year Democratic presidency – which, as the last one was, we all know is going to be followed by an eight-year reign of christianist psychosis – from which there was barely two years in which anything useful could be done, with most of the LGB( ) political capital of that two-year period being devoted to the wants of those who want a career in one specific profession (a profession that, in a perfect world, wouldn’t even exist) has come and has de facto gone.

No, HRC it isn’t entirely your fault that the Obama Administration is over, but it is your fault that the available political capital of 2009-10 went to DADT and a hate crime law – and that, with the Obama Administration now over, there is no ENDA.  St. Barney can spew all he wants about this, that and the other this – but we all know that if HRC had, in 2009, said we want ENDA and nothing but ENDA, then ENDA would have happened.

HRC didn’t, so ENDA didn’t.

And today Joe Solmonese, in case you’ve lost track, is Jan. 20, 2017.


  1. I wasn’t going to join in on this, Katrina, because as a long-time student here at ENDAblog I absorbed the bad news about our “revolutionary vanguard” of lobby “occupants,” but

    I just got this POC in my mail, and wow, what?

    “He’s smiling because he thinks he’s won. We’re smiling because we know we’re just getting started.” – Chad Griffin – the highlights are HIS!

    Well, they’re ALWAYS “just getting started,” because otherwise, what would they be doing to make a living? Where would they find a set of oppressed persons — of different types that they can play off against each other — that are so f’in gullible that they’ll willingly buy a line of bullshit that so seamlessly clueless!

    They’d have to go Xianist/Diabolical to accomplish that, and I don’t think they have the skills to actually preach anything.

    just sayin and like that,
    {{{{{}}}}}, yours,
    Anne Rose

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