Your Sunday Morning Republican Hypocrisy Report

First we have zombie Reaganite Peggy Noonan – demanding that women on the short end of politically-based, anti-science 21-day quarantine standards meekly admit to divinely-consecrated male Republican authority…

for public safety.

All while expecting America to conveniently forget her own white Christian Republican hissy fit over the indignity of a minute or so delay for a random airport patdown…

for public safety.

Up next we have the plastic-faced, squirrel-haired, Palin-brained Koch-puppet-in-waiting Joni Ernst – who, if she was empowered to do so, would kill Obamacare, a healthcare regime which opened the door to healthcare for millions who the divinely-consecreated Free Market had prevented from getting healthcare…

because, well, just because.

All while, as a member of the military, having free, socialistic healthcare for over two decades, and while likely to have it for a few years more until she retires, and then having socialistic VA healthcare after that and, if enough people in Iowa are conned into voting for her, the socialistic congressional healthcare plan that not one Republican Obamacare opponent has ever turned down…

because, well, that’s the Republican game plan.


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