America’s Worst (LGB)T Media Insult

Huffington Post.

For example, from Ian Johnson:

America’s 10 Worst LGBT Work Insults

The world’s first report on measuring the value of LGBT workplace diversity in dollar terms is about to be released.



Go on….

These are just 10 of the hundreds of comments made to this year’s LGBT2020 research by U.S. respondents, who chose to write — in their own words — what is happening right now in their workplaces.

“Room for improvement” is an understatement.

  • “I can’t add your wife to your health insurance because your marriage isn’t ‘real'”
  • “It’s just a decision, I don’t support the choice to be unnatural. Just be straight like the rest of us”
  • “You are not angry enough to be a real lesbian: you’re not like the other girl who works here”
  • “I would just like to round up the people suffering like you and shoot them all, or to torture you — just to make fun of you”
  • “People like you can’t be a Christian, you’re a sinner but I love you despite your choices”
  • “Now you and that other f*g can add your boyfriends to the work medical plans, that way when you get AIDS you will all be covered”
  • “I don’t like those kind of people with ‘scary’ sexual preferences”
  • “Please, I don’t want to hear the details of your lifestyle”
  • “That patient is gay and HIV+, why isn’t he in some kind of isolation”
  • “You will burn down the gates of hell for being gay”

Out Now will be presenting key findings from this new report in a “Global Series” workshop at the 16th Out & Equal Workplace Summit in San Francisco at Moscone West Convention Center on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Gee, maybe there one will see something that is trans specific – though I wouldn’t advise any breath-holding.


Professional gays (as opposed to gay professionals) getting away with pretending to be inclusive via using ‘LGBT’ without actually having any T substance.

But you know us ‘screaming trannies’, we just imagine such things.

I’m sure that the next applications I send in to Lambda Legal, NGLTF or the Point Foundation will really, really, really receive less discriminatory treatment than the ones I sent in a decade ago…

or last year.

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