Fair is Fair

Just to demonstrate that I am not just picky when it comes to right-wingers and HRC (I know, I know – a lot of overlap with those two, but I digress…), I’m going to get picky with one of my favorite progressive sites, Crooks and Liars.


There is a right-wing shock jock (and failed local Houston TV sports anchor) named Dan Patrick who, after slithering into politics, is about to ride Greg Abbott’s Jim Crow voting restrictions into the Texas Lieutenant Governor’s office.

The problem is that its not the radio guy named Dan Patrick who is pictured.  That one is currently the co-host of NBC’s Sunday Night Football pregame show as well as the current host of his own morning radio sports talk show and a former co-anchor of ESPN’s Sports Center back in the Olbermann days.

Though I have gotten the impression that the pictured Dan Patrick is a bit more conservative than K.O., I also get the impression that he is not a right-wing psychopath – which is what the non-pictured Dan Patrick is.

Sorry, C&L but this is just plain laziness.  The Mother Jones item that you link to has a photo of the nutcase.  Couldn’t you have checked?

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