Edited for Honesty

Something that The Bil just said in defense of Shillerico’s posting of the trans misogyny by Micah Escobedo, who “is a writer and aspiring politico”:

We’ve never shied away from presenting multiple sides to any argument at The Bilerico Project.

Now, here’s that same sentence, edited to make it honest:

We’ve never shied away from presenting multiple sides to any trans-related argument at The Bilerico Project.

For, as Jenna Fischetti notes (in direct response to editor John Becker who proudly took responsibility for greenlighting the post by Micah Escobedo, who “is a writer and aspiring politico,” essentially by saying that it was edgy and, therefore, worth inflicting and, besides, a trans person was allowed to do a post in response):

So what merited the decision to post this in the first place?

You are editor in chief. You have the final say in those decisions, do you not?

As Bil Browning suggests, that it is “good to get out of the bubble and hear other people’s perspectives” can you point to anti-LGBT perspectives which were published at Bilerico which engages in appeals to the people while telling gays and lesbians men or women to STFU? Because Cisgender Micah Escobedo tells transgender Janet Mock that she has no right to claim the video does not have trans rights implications while expressing “whom I love and find incredibly inspiring” .Why not just write: “Some of my best friends are trans….”

As editor, you should have seen how poorly this entire argument was constructed and rejected it. So the main problem is your insistence that this false argument has any social merit and thus requires you to publish it , let alone ask Brynn Tannehill to reply to it.

This post is a straw man fallacy on the premise that trans people’s offense to the video is based on the premise that trans people took Sarah Silverman literally. That distorts the position of the claim made by Janet Mock, the only example offered in this piece.

The position of most trans people is the video is offensive for its reinforcement of trope stereotypes which harm and marginalize trans people. Janet Mock merely offered a reality check to Silverman’s weak analogy.

If you or Bil need to be educated on why this was a problematic and offensive post, you have no right speaking on transgender subjects. 

Discourse is changed by each contribution to it. Yet real change happens when individuals get out into the political process and make a difference, not letting the core dictate to the periphery the terms of their obedience.

I eagerly await John Becker’s greenlighting of regular Shillerico columns by Maggie Gallagher, Sy Rogers and the ghost of Jesse Helms.



  1. When I was reading that shit article the other day, I got to the part where the author claims that it’s “trendy” with Progressives to “feign outrage for the purpose of being seen as socially aware” and realized that I was reading something written by a hipster douche white boy.

  2. realized that I was reading something written by a hipster douche white boy.

    What gave it away? The blog title?

  3. Also, very ambiguous. I mean, are we part of an Outrage Machine that got misplaced?

  4. Jenna was brilliant & spot on.

    What’s really objectionable is that people hire the guy the supported this post, was clueless on how incredibly offensive Ron Gold is and published the trans glitter gate nonsense – and wouldn’t backtrack from it after incontrovertible evidence of the people involved not being trans – hell – even Dan Savage said so – hire Bilous to consult on LGB & T issues.

    Seriously – what are they buying when it comes to trans expertise?

    Now – if they need an expert on Dick Pics – he’s your dude.

    • Dick Pics

      Little known fact: When the defense department allowed V.P. Nixon the honor of sending one of the first electronic messages on what we now know as the internet, “Dick Pics” was the code name assigned to him.

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