The Pill That The Bil Expects Us to Swallow to Pretend that Swill Doesn’t Kill


The really sad part of this is that I’m actually willing to believe that Sarah Silverman truly had no evil intent with her wage discrimination video.  Yes, the tweet that she sent out pleading trans-ignorance had an arrogant veneer, but she could have been telling the truth.

It does happen.

And while I’m still not a big fan of hers (I’ve really never found her all that funny), I’m actually more willing to believe her than I am willing to believe that an apology plus hiring trans tokens who don’t give a damn about how many trans lives their employer has destroyed over the last two decades means that HRC-Griffin is any different than HRC-Solmonese or HRC-Birch or even HRC-Endean.

Leave it to Shillerico, however, to make things even worse re: the Silverman video.

Sarah Silverman is in hot water over a video she did to comically highlight the alarmingly high wage gap between men and women in this country. Some transgender activists found it insensitive and took it literally.


Took it literally?

In that we literally thought that Sarah was literally going to become Saul?

Or in that we have enough experience with how the reality of our lives gets misrepresented – sometimes carelessly, often purposely – by people who are allowed to earn a living claiming to speak for us that at least some of us were worried that Americans who aren’t trained in the law (and I have it on good authority that there are at least a half-dozen or so – maybe even more!) might not know that even though men have rigged the system to earn more than women, LGBs of thirty years ago rigged a different system so that moving from the F column to the M column not only won’t net you a pay raise, it will leave you worse off than had you remained in the F column (unless, of course, you’re part of the permanently-employed pseudo-activism elite of Gay, Inc., but I digress.)

Well, Shillerico has allowed Micah Escobedo, who “is a writer and aspiring politico,” to tell trans people how it is:

Trans issues have nothing to do with the video. They just don’t.

So no more need be said, eh?

No one – trans or otherwise, Silverman fan or otherwise – didn’t get that Silverman was trying to be funny.

No non-Republican – trans or otherwise – didn’t agree with the wage inequality message that she was trying to make by trying to be funny.

But no one – trans or otherwise – shouldn’t be even more pissed off at Shillerico than they might have ever been at Sarah Silverman.  As I make clear above, there’s at least some possibility that Silverman really wasn’t intending to be transphobic and there’s a 100% possibility that the intended gender inequality message of the video was 100% legit.

But there is no possibility that Micah Escobedo, who “is a writer and aspiring politico,” isn’t punching down with even more ferocity (and with padding-absent gloves on top of it) than Silverman would have been if she was donating the proceeds from her video to the TERF Defense Fund.

I have no idea if Micah Escobedo, who “is a writer and aspiring politico,” is trans or not.


And I don’t give a damn – except to the extent that if he is, I’m sure we have found our next HRC trans token…


…not to mention the person most likely to attend the Shillerico Halloween party dressed as Ron Gold.

Sarah Silverman – like her or not (and as I said, in general I don’t) literally messed up with her video.

She literally apologized for the problematic aspect of it.

She literally professed trans ignorance.

Shillerico, on the other hand, has figuratively marched an elephant – one that has just been force-fed a ton of ex-lax – onto the collective body of the trans community and commanded the elephant to release the hounds of its bowels.

Countdown to my needing to change “figuratively” to “literally” in 3…2…1….

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