A Taxi is a Public Accommodation

A same-sex couple claims they were kicked out of a cab for kissing.

And thanks those who sold out trans people…

“The sad reality is that it is completely legal,” said GLBT community advocate Noel Freeman.

Houston passed an equal rights ordinance that could have protected [the couple], but it’s been challenged so right now the ordinance can’t be enforced. It goes to trial in January

…if this happens to trans people in Massachusetts, there is still no legal recourse – even with the law that those LGB(t)s who are allowed to earn a living telling us how many rights the think we’ve earned being in force.

And just remember…

In 2011 there were plenty of LGBs in Maryland who were fine-n-dandy with trans people only having enough rights to where the above situation would have no legal recourse there either.

Of course, they’d been fine with that in 2001 also.


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