“Why are Greg Abbott’s legs worth 40 times more than your child’s legs?”

That question – posed by Crooks and Liars – is what everyone should ask in the face of the fake umbrage over Wendy Davis’s 100% truthful ad.

Wendy Davis took to the airways to remind people that Greg Abbott is so damn mean and heartless that he has kept other people in wheelchairs from suing and pocketing $10+ million like Abbott did.

He uses his wheelchair to gain sympathy and votes, yet he oddly has no sympathy for others.

Thanks to the efforts of Greg Abbott, if a ten year old child has the wrong leg amputated by a drug addicted doctor, the most that child can recover for a lifetime is $250,000. That’s what Greg Aboott says a leg is worth to a child. Unless, of course, it’s Greg Abbott’s leg.

That, my friends, is a very legitimate campaign issue.

Not being able to talk about Greg Abbott’s wheelchair when discussing his record of political hypocrisy is like not being able to mention that Clarence Thomas is African American and benefited from affirmative action when talking about all of the Supreme Court decisions that Thomas has signed onto limiting affirmative action and voting rights for non-whites.


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