Why Doesn’t Iowa’s Conservative Media Ask Republican Governor Terry Branstad What He Thinks of Kriminal Kops Like This?

From Addicting Info:

An Iowa cop told a driver that he had a right to search his car for drugs because “everyone who plays Frisbee golf smokes pot.” When the driver refused to answer whether he had “never smoked weed,” the cop said that counted as admitting he had.

After getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation, an Ankeny, Iowa police officer appears to at first want to make small talk with the driver. He casually asks the man, who had at this point begun filming the encounter, whether he played Frisbee golf. The man replied “I do a lot actually. I play out at Heritage park.” The conversation then takes a bizarre turn as the cop awkwardly asks the man about his drug use based on that hobby.

When the officer asks him if he has a problem with his car being searched, the man responds “I actually would, because just because I have a disc golf bag with me does not mean that every disc golfer does have weed.”

To which the officer responds: “So you do have weed in the car. Is that what you are saying?”

There’s actually far more to the encounter – which no one would know about (and certainly no mainstream media outlet would have ever paid attention to) but for the victim of this terrorism-by-cop making a video of the disgusting incident.

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