What Exactly Has Dana Beyer Ever Really Accomplished Other Than ‘Retiring’?

From the Washington Post:

Induction into the Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame is normally a low-profile, uplifting affair, recognizing a handful of community leaders for their work in fighting discrimination. This year, it has opened up simmering resentments and unsettled scores within the county’s LGBT leadership.

Among the 2014 honorees will be Dana Beyer, a transgender woman and former Montgomery County Council staffer who mounted an unsuccessful Democratic primary challenge against the state senate’s only openly gay member, Richard Madaleno (D-Montgomery).

It was a nasty race. Beyer questioned Madaleno’s progressive credentials, contending that he didn’t use his influence to help Montgomery on key issues such as Purple Line. Madaleno said Beyer excelled at making splashy statements but was less interested in the hard work of governance.

Beyer’s selection, announced by the county Monday, drew angry pushback from one of Madaleno’s major supporters, Somerset Mayor and LGBT activist Jeffrey Slavin, who charged that Beyer ran a “vicious” campaign distorting the record of the District 18 incumbent.

“I am writing you today to inform you of the UPROAR in our community over the proposed selection of Dana Beyer for admission to your Hall of Fame,” Slavin wrote in an e-mail Wednesday to Montgomery Office of Human Rights Director James Stowe. “Please know that, as background, Senator Rich Madaleno is one the major LGBT HEROES in Montgomery County.” He called on Stowe to cancel Beyer’s induction.

As do I.

Do I have any connection to Montgomery County, Maryland?  No.  But I know an undeserved accolade when I smell one.

Beyer, a retired eye surgeon and executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, said Thursday that she doesn’t take anything Slavin says seriously.

That’s interesting.  Because I can’t think of very many trans people who aren’t independently wealthy – either via ‘retirement’ or inheritance or both – who take Dana Beyer seriously.


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