And Yet, You Attempted to Primary the Main Sponsor of the Bill

From Queer Channel Media:

A Maryland law that bans anti-transgender discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations took effect on Wednesday.

A factual statement.


“I am very pleased, both for the community at-large as well as my team at Gender Rights Maryland,” Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, told the Blade.

“Now the trans community can make use of this law, in addition to the county and Title VII protections, to make equality of opportunity a reality,” said Beyer.

Why can’t the Washington Blade find a trans person to quote other than a ‘retired’ physician who (1) embarrassingly tried to unseat the senator who pushed the trans bill through the Maryland Legislature this year and (2) who continues to attempt to Title-VII-dog-whistle trans people out of ENDA?


  1. “Why can’t … ” A good question, and one the Blade will be answering no time soon, I’m sure.

    Phony Quote of the Day: “Ego is the most powerful drug of all.” — A retired physician

    • Yes, but the answer will probably only be delivered to one of HRC’s new tokens – probably the one who implores all of us to not sit on the sidelines (begging the question of where she was sitting when Maryland ramrodded through a gay-only law in 2001) while we’re basking in the glow of the black(list) sun that her employer lit and enforced while she was sitting wherever she was sitting in 2001.

      No reparations, no peace.

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