What Used to be The Advocate: Still a Joke

From a splotch of non-journalism begging for a wittew bit of sympathy for The Knotthead:

If Karl Knott raises a bigot for a daughter, what are the policies he enforces in Chalfont Borough, Pa.? Karl Knott is the kind of person who makes you realize why so many minorities have no faith in the police to protect and serve fairly.

That’s a reasonable observation.

Quite reasonable, in fact.  But…

The unspoken feeling that [Kathryn] Knott has betrayed us, gay men, is evident. Her actions feel more egregious than those of her two hateful, privileged male friends, since most of us expect that, if we’re heckled or bashed, it will be by straight men (or men who pretend to be straight), not women. For the most part, women didn’t push us into lockers. They didn’t tie Matthew Shepard to a fence. Women may not always be gay men’s allies, but they’re rarely our enemies. It’s sexist to think that women are nurturing, not nihilistic, but we still do tend to believe that. Unfairly or not, she’s being held to a higher standard.

Knott’s repellent behavior stings because women are supposed to know what it’s like to be oppressed.

Yet another example of What Used to be The Advocate engaging in de facto erasure of the issue of the terroristic rhetoric of exterminationism that a group of cis women directs at trans women every day.  Clearly, the only thing that matters in the overly-privileged world of What Used to be The Advocate is Will and/or Jack having their feelings hurt if Grace turns out to actually be Maggie Gallagher.  The reality that there are still women in positions to make employment decisions who have the mentality of Janice Raymond, Bev Jo Von Dohre, Kim Mills, and a certain disreputable cis female Maryland lawyer isn’t worth What Used to be The Advocate’s time and energy.


  1. One criticism, Kat: The Advocate is more than one writer, as I’m sure you know well. If you have a problem with something Neil Broverman wrote, then call him out for it, not the entire site.

    • Reject the “One criticism.” The Advocate chooses the columns and authors it prefers to publish. Truth hurts… not just one, but many. Funny thing about the Advocate, the other authors haven’t run columns calling Broverman out. Therefore, drawing a conclusion from that fact leads to but one result!

      • Advantage, Alyson.

        Big advantage.

        The Advocate that was a relevant organ of journalism – albeit during the Goodstein era, a horribly transphobic one – has long since had its body snatched by creatures from the planet of the celebrity-worship monsters.

      • C’mon Kat, do you really expect the Advocate to run columns calling out it’s own content? By it’s own reporters? Seriously? The conclusion isn’t anything other than the Advocate is a commercial site that doesn’t call out it’s own content. In that, it’s much the same as pretty much any other commercial media.

        As Advocate reporters, we don’t even publish comments on the site except in rare and special circumstances, so why would you think we’d be able to write entire opposing op-eds? You see that kind of thing on HuffPo, not at sites like Advocate.com.

        • Uhhhh…

          Are you implying that Alyson is a sockpuppet?

          • No, I’m saying her expectations are unreasonable given the realities of commercial media.

            • “the realities of commercial media”

              So What Used to be The Advocate is a follower, not a leader? You’ve just validated everything I and Alyson said.

              “the realities of commercial media”

              That sounds a lot like St. Barney’s ‘political reality.’

              Do you get paid by the Kool-Aid gulp?

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