Sham Rand


  1. “Ayn” – rhymes with “mine.”

    … “if it was rape, it was rape by engraved invitation.” – Ayn Rand.

    tsk tsk: you’re supposed to “grow out” of handjobs?… sounds… rapey to me! (I understand why the anti-PIV crowd hates it: rape rape rape rape… you get the idea, right?)

    (meanwhile my favorite rockstar recently assented to my comment: “whatever happened to just making out?” – INDEED!)

    LOLOL – she had a Western-movie view of the Red Man, y’know?

    tsk tsk tsk.

  2. … and if you apply her “no rights… just because they were born there” approach to the SAVAGES among the Bonus Babies of our times, and their mansions, and their yachts, and the countries they pretend they own?

    Well, think on it. Doesn’t that make a whole lot of sense to you? I think Sam Walton was a retailing genius and a hard-working man… his heirs… well, they were just “born there,” and “Wal-mart values” have gone a loooong way downhill since his time… so…

    Think on it: “Check your premises,” as Ayn would have put it.

    – anne/rose

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