Joni Ernst: Bad Hair, Worse Liar

Crooks and Liars on the corporate shill who is looking to ride a pile of severed pig testicles into the U.S. Senate:

The thing you need to know about Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst is that she is one hundred percent owned and operated by the Kochs. They promoted her, they are financing her campaign, and she is grateful to them to the point where she knows she wouldn’t be where she is without them.

And that means she lies. A lot. Sunday night’s debate was no exception. When the question of the personhood amendment resolution she sponsored in 2013 came up, she lied some more.

But what’s worse than the out-and-out lying is the sub-Barney Frank doubletalk.  Of the constitutional amendment she supported – one that her Democratic opponent Rep. Bruce Braley accurately pointed out would have the effect of outlawing not just all abortions in all circumstances but also most forms of birth control – she spewed this:

The amendment that’s being referenced by the Congressman would not do any of the things that you stated it would do. That amendment is simply a statement that I support life.

Oh, but her bull gets shittier.  She then claimed that the amendment would do all of that – wait for it…

…only if legislation would be passed. This amendment was again a statement of life.

And Joni Ernst is a walking, talking, Trafficant-esque hair-sporting tool of the Koch Brothers.

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