Libertarianism – ‘Nuff Said



  1. Aw, hon, I have to keep going on with my objections here… “some things are not the same as the others.”

    If you DO IN FACT pay attention to what Ayn said as opposed to all the crap out there foisted on us by lying Nazis like the Brothers Koch, there’s a clear-cut consequence to this misfortune (?) –

    The bartender and any potential accessories to these deaths may wind up charged with negligent manslaughter… it is not the kind of consequence-free “fuck your neighbor and get away with it” credo of the likes of the pusillanimous† Paul Ryan!

    Ayn Rand believed in punishing fraud; Paul Ryan is a fraud: figure it out.

    thanks and a zillion nested {}
    – anne/rose

    †”pusillanimous”: “showing a lack of courage or determination; timid” – seriously, the guy can’t decide whether he’s a valueless Randroid, or a cut-rate Catholic? GET REAL – these are entirely incommensurable value systems… when you take them seriously, which I do, because Ayn Rand’s ethical thinking is based on the presumption of atheism and strictly “rational” assessments of the nature of reality. Period.

    • But – they’re still dead.

      • Hiya Kathy! …

        The pharmaceutical companies are heavily “regulated” by the FDA, but the bodies keep pilin’ up.

        The drug companies can tailor their datasets in the clinical trials for medications and employ other sneaky tactics to get “blockbuster” drugs into the market, simply by testing and testing until they’ve got studies that will look good… even though they kill a lot of people, for example Vioxx (30,000 deaths in the US alone through heart failures).

        It’s a fraud. Nothing happens.

        Meanwhile, I’m “protected” from the dire menace of medical marijuana – and ten’ll get you one I’m betting right that I do suffer from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and the stuff is obviously good for me? – by “regulations” imposed to prevent research and testing… guaranteeing that the bodies keep piling up.

        Am I missing something here?

        This makes no sense at all, but we’ve sure got a lot of “regulations” here, no?

        And bodies piling up left and right. ???

        • Well – having been arrested under the Rockerfeller drug laws back in the day – where a roach would have gotten me seven years as a felony – I can certainly agree that some government regs – laws in this case are unfair, unnecessary & harmful.

          But – manslaughter is just another Gov restriction as well. Should we get rid of it – or the ability to sue over it?

          If not, why?

          • “Manslaughter” is not “just another Gov restriction,” it’s a hallowed tradition in Common Law… the PEOPLE’S law, such as it was?

            I gave up on anarchism – specifically, anarcho-capitalism, though I loved co-ops and have a very high tolerance for those who dream fondly of anarcho-communism? – early on.

            Who on earth really wants to argue this point, Kathy? I don’t care to, and as far as Ayn was concerned, she was an advocate of limited government… and explicitly despised Libertarians.

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