Partyin’ Like its 1987?

In the late spring of 1987, it was not uncommon at Texas A&M to see students – die-hard Aggies – wearing t-shirts displaying Southern Methodist University’s upcoming 1987 football schedule.

Sept. 5    OPEN
Sept. 12  OPEN
Sept. 19  OPEN….

And so on.

You get the idea, of course.

Early in 1987, SMU had received the ‘death penalty’ for repeated dishonest, immoral – and possibly even flat-out illegal – activity in its football program.  (Those of us who lived in both Texas and reality at the time also remember a particularly disgusting SMU heavyweight – who also happened to be the newly-re-elected, law-n-order Republican governor, Bill Clements – justifying the continuing payoffs which led to the ‘death penalty’ by saying, essentially, that ‘a deal’s a deal’; the payments in question had been contracted for prior to SMU becoming eligible for the ‘death penalty’ repeat-offender sanction.)

My question on an NFL Sunday afternoon: Can an NFL franchise receive the death penalty?

Ray Rice may not be the only member of the Baltimore Ravens who will wind up paying with his job for the February domestic violence incident that has mushroomed into an unprecedented scandal for the team and the NFL. That much seems abundantly clear in the wake of a damning and extensive investigative report by ESPN’s Outside the Lines on Friday, a report that points to a concerted cover-up effort by the Ravens in their attempt to protect their star running back from the consequences of punching his then-fiancee in that Atlantic City, N.J., hotel elevator.

After Maryland did the right thing this year by finally rectifying its 2001 anti-transgender political hate crime, I was hoping to avoid slamming the state – at least for a while.  And I figured that my having to back off of that aspiration would largely come when the University of Maryland starts playing its Big Ten schedule (declaring representation of payday lenders to be a disbar-able offense is a bit much to ask), not with the Baltimore Ravens demonstrating that it should be, against its will, renamed the Baltimore Watergates.

Baltimore Agnews, perhaps?

Sept. 6, 2015    OPEN
Sept. 13, 2015  OPEN
Sept. 20, 2015  OPEN….?


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