And More Often Than Not, While They’re There They Whine About the Media Being Too Liberal

Ever notice how whiny, childish Republicans (that’s all of them, right?) think they’re getting away with something by calling the Democratic Party the Democrat Party?

I say fine.

We now simply refer to the conservatives as the con.

The key difference is that that characterization is fully accurate.

Case in point:

In yet another report that dissects who’s being asked to talk politics on the Sunday Talk Shows, the NY Times reports that once again Conservatives are called to appear on their shows much more than Liberals are.

Are you surprised?

If you are, you’re not paying attention.

When Fox ‘News’ allows a liberal former congressman to host its 3-hour morning show and devotes most of its late-night and weekend programing to mind-numbing prison reality shows that make the Kardashians look like a Ken Burns documentary by comparison, Fox ‘News’ can claim that that MSNBC is the opposite of Fox ‘News.’


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