One More Reason to Have Nothing to do with RuPaul’s Drag Race

Rarely do I have the opportunity to favorably cite Queerty, but it seems to be as disgusted by this as I am:

In March 1996, Michael Alig killed his roommate and drug dealer Angel Melendez by smashing his head three times with a hammer and injecting Drano into his veins.

Weeks later, Alig dismembered the body, placed the parts in a cardboard box, and threw it into the Hudson River.

Okay, that’s actually just the background.  I remember a number of Geraldo episodes at the time about the case, one in particular which featured a trans woman – a frequenter of the club scene who knew some of the people involved in the case – who Geraldo visibly enjoyed misgendering.

As for today…

World of Wonder, the production company that brings you RuPaul’s Drag Race, is helping him sell art that he created during the 17-year prison sentence he served for the conviction of Melendez’s murder.

World of Wonder has been in bed with Michael Alig since the beginning. In the 1980’s, WOW founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato were known as disco/pop duo The Fabulous Pop Tarts, and associated with Alig as scenesters who attended his parties along with some NYC’s most infamous Club Kids, including Amanda Lepore, Richie Rich, and James St. James.

When Alig was released from prison earlier this year, WOW was there to pick him up, reintroduce him to the world, teach him social media, and help him launch a successful post-prison career.

The company was immediately met with criticism over accusations that it was trying to “profit” off of Alig’s crime and fame associated with the crime (something they obviously already did with Party Monster).

But in this case, WOW is helping Alig sell his artwork on a third-party site by alerting their fans. The art listed includes a self-portrait, a “Special K” key ring, and a painting of a “zombie girl” jumping rope. Needless to say, people are a bit miffed by the promotion.


I guess that we can now eagerly await Michael Magidson’s release from prison after serving his sentence for murdering Gwen Araujo – and that we can presume WOW will be there to publish a tome of his thoughts on gender transition.


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  1. If they want to help him reintegrate into society – rather than helping him capitalize off of the crime – (and perhaps trying to profit by pumping up the market after buying some themselves? One has to wonder if they own themselves) – they could give him a job commensurate with his experience and education. Errand boy – or some such. Drop off the mail and pick up their lunch and dry cleaning.

    Ah Geraldo. He went to my High School – many years before I – went by Jerry then. I remember years ago he had Jimmy James on his show. He came up behind Jimmy, put his arms around him and ground himself into Jimmy’s backside – Mr. James – being there as a well regarded entertainer – looked disgusted – with a what is this asshole doing look on his face.

    I wonder if that footage is available somewhere?

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