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At TransAdvocate, Cristan Williams successfully engages in:

Fact Checking Janice Raymond: The NCHCT Report

Not surprisingly, Cristan dismantles Raymond’s disingenuousness.  It involves, in part, linking to Raymond’s own propaganda site, which I have no intention of linking to.

Just to give you an idea of the degree to which pretty much anything that Raymond says is:

here is something she has to say about critics of her 1979 Mein Transphobik Kampf on that website that I have no intention of linking to:

4) Fiction:

Janice Raymond’s work is transphobic

At this point (well, after the disturbing drivel she pumps out which she claims to be the countering ‘fact’), all one needs to do is refer to Good Morning, Vietnam!

No, this time not to Robin Williams’ parting remark about something he felt that that the sergeant-major needed, but, rather, the general’s assessment of Richard Nixon’s personal agricultural relationship to the Sinai Peninsula.

Richard Nixon ain’t got nothin’ on Janice Raymond.

Just sayin’….


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