Mitt Rauner

This is good news:

It’s been known for a while that Governor Pat Quinn (D. IL) is one of the most vulnerable Governor’s struggling to win a second term this election season. Tea Party Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA) continues to remain the number one most vulnerable Governor in the country and continues to trail his Democratic opponent, Tom Wolf (D. PA) by double digits. Quinn narrowly won the Governor’s race in 2010 after former Governor Rod Blagojevich (D. IL) was busted in a corruption scandal trying to sell President Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat. Since taking office, Quinn has suffered in the polls due to support for pension reform and budgetary issues plus an angry electorate sick and tired of Illinois long history of corrupt politics. For a while now Quinn trailed his opponent, wealth venture capitalist and this election season’s Mitt Romney, Bruce Rauner (R. IL). But a series of gaffes and revelations about Rauner’s stance on the minimum wage, gay rights, workers’ rights, his shady business background and his Cayman Island tax cheating are all catching up with him.

The big gaffe on the minimum wage?  Rauner wants to get rid of it entirely.

[V]oters think Rauner is better equipped to deal with state government’s massive financial problems, it also indicates that Quinn has been able to paint the wealthy Republican equity investor as out of touch. And despite a summer filled with reports on Quinn administration scandals involving state grants and patronage hiring, voters view the governor as more trustworthy than his opponent.

[A Chicago Tribune] poll found Quinn at 48 percent support compared with 37 percent for Rauner, with 8 percent undecided. And 5 percent went to little-known Libertarian candidate Chad Grimm — support that likely would have gone to Rauner if Republican forces had been able to knock the Libertarian Party slate off the ballot.

Yes, those patriotic Republicans – who want everyone to be able to vote except everyone who isn’t a Republican.

Rauner’s ideas for schools make Scott Walker look like a socialist and his ideas for the rest of government and society make Mitt Romney look like…

Bruce Rauner.

And vice versa.


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