(Almost) Deja Vu All Over Again

Only this time its a gay-specific book, not a pseudo-scientific anti-trans book

The Wyoming State Historical Society honored a book that asserts college student Matthew Shepard wasn’t murdered because he was gay, but was instead killed in a drug-related incident – even though the book relies on wild extrapolation and questionable or anonymous sources and has been denounced as “fictional” by lawyers and investigators involved in the case.

On September 6, the society gave Stephen Jimenez’s The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard an honorable mention in the nonfiction book category at a Gillette, WY luncheon.

[W]hy is the Wyoming State Historical Society honoring the book?

Rick Ewig, the society’s president, told the Billings Gazette that the award “doesn’t mean we accept the interpretation” of the book, suggesting that the society was honoring the book simply because it attempted to investigate part of Wyoming’s history:

Rick Ewig, president of the state historical society, said the nonprofit organization’s goal is to promote study of Wyoming’s history. Shepard’s murder is part of the state’s history.

The book’s publisher nominated the book, he said.

So I wonder if the same non-trans gays who defended J. Michael Bailey’s ‘free speech’ (and who defended the academic shills who defended Bailey) will just as vociferously defend Stephen Jimenez’s ‘free speech’ now?


Victoria Brownworth?

Where are you?



  1. She’s busy helping them trans children – with her eyes.

  2. Vabvox blocks you! She blocks you ALL! Take THAT, people against whom she has prejudices! She’s impervious to personal growth! That’s her mutant superpower!

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