I’ve mentioned this before – particularly when addressing some of the disturbing things that Joan Rivers has said in recent years – and I’ll reiterate it here:

Her opening monologue when she hosted Saturday Night Live 31 years ago was one of the best in the history of the show.

On the brainlessness of a football player she once dated…

We were out at a mall.  We saw a sign that said ‘Wet Floor.’ He did!

As the general in Good Morning, Vietnam said of Robin Williams’ joke about the sergeant-major and a blow job: “Now that’s funny.”

Ditto for the ‘Dueling Joans’ segment later in the show – between her and Joe Piscopo in drag.

I’m not opposed to notable celebrity deaths being positioned as big news.

Robin Williams’ certainly deserved the ink it got.

And yes, Joan Rivers’ deserves a lot – but not as much right now as something else that happened today:



The failure of right-wing psychopath Bob McDonnell’s attempt to use the Arthur Corbett defense is more significant.

McDonnell was being groomed manufactured as a 2016 Republican presidential nominee – and largely being given a pass by corporate media as being a ‘moderate’ despite his fake degree from Pat Robertson’s fake university which predated his governorship and despite the anti-LGBT, anti-woman stench of that governorship.

And lets not forget that he was the only person to deliver a rebuttal to an Obama state-of-the-union address and not look like a refugee from a mental ward in the process – again causing corporate media to falsely brand him as a ‘moderate.’

McDonnell and his ‘family’ appeared to be the pre-packaged, perfectly-coiffed right-wing presidential wet dream that the Romneys were too arrogant to let Kardashianified America actually sleepwalk into..

The Romneys love their car elevators.

But the McDonnells loved their – or, as it turned out, someone else’s – car

But the criminal charges – and now convictions – have laid waste to the fake image of the fake notion of the right-wing political ‘family-man’s family’ to the same degree that Judge Richard Posner laid waste to state-sanctioned right-wing christianist anti-marriage arguments today in the Seventh Circuit marriage ruling.

Sorry, but ex-governor ultrasound warranted top billing.

I think even Heidi Abramowitz and Liz Taylor would agree.


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