Kris Kobach Doesn’t Have a Conflict of Interest; He’s the Definition of ‘Conflict of Interest’

Crooks and Liars on the Kansas senate race in which the Democrat withdrew to avoid a three-way vote-split, thereby allowing at least the possibility that the Koch-owned Sen. Pat Roberts might get beaten by an independent candidate:

Democrat Chad Taylor must stay on the ballot, because Kris Kobach says so. Kobach, who is probably best known for his authorship of the odious Arizona “papers please” law, made that declaration earlier today.

Taylor contacted the Secretary of State’s office before he submitted his letter of withdrawal, to make sure he had met all the requirements. According to Taylor, he was told that he had. Until Kobach intervened, anyway.

I’d be willing to bet Kobach wouldn’t have cared if Taylor’s withdrawal had benefitted the Republican.

And you’d win.


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