He’s Bragging?

About this?


This is the explanation by the Human Right Scampaign hack who is the incumbent on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that Michael Petrelis is currently running against:


Lets put aside that I have no idea who Gertrude Strein is, was or might be in the future…

And lets put aside the ‘transgender’ vs. ‘transgendered’ debate.  Sorry, but it wasn’t all that long ago that you could find trans people using the ‘-ed’ form – and, besides, if you look closely at the photo, what should spark anger is not the presence of ‘ed’ but the absence of…

no, not ‘t’ (though one could be forgiven for presuming that), but ‘s’.





And, lest one think that ‘t’ doesn’t come into play at all in this fiasco…


Yes, the ‘t’ is always either absent or present in improper numbers.   And, while I’m sure that some techie somewhere can produce some document in which “bitting” is used in some connection to computer programming, that isn’t going to earn a pass for whoever used it in connection to a playwright who died in 1900.

And speaking of how a playwright who died in 1900 (and died as he lived: far away from San Francisco) factors into this, here’s a Facebook comment from Brian Springfield:

Nothing says “Castro” to me more than Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, and Frida Kahlo. Why don’t we quit starfucking and start recognizing the local heroes who played a very real role in the local struggle for LGBT rights?

Now, HRC hack or not, I’m sure Weiner didn’t do the physical work of manufacturing those plaques – and I don’t even know if he took the photos.

But he posted them…

presumably to bolster his campaign (as opposed to Scampaign, but I digress.)

No awareness of the problems with the plaques themselves and no apparent consciousness of the fact that more than a few people would validly react as Springfield did.

Apparently you can take the boy out of HRC(‘s BOD), but you can’t…

well, you know.


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