No, It Isn’t Just Worse – It Is Even Worse Than That

The obscenity of Chad “Rosa ‘The Half-Million Dollar Sham’ Parks, Jr.” Griffin’s continuing employment has already been publicized – both here and elsewhere.

HRC Prez Chad Giffin’s 2013 Salary $507,000.00, Stealing Credit and Rewriting History Sure Pays Well!

Now, Back2Stonewall and others have dug deeper into that festering pile of skunk dung on Rhode Island Avenue:

According to the Human Rights Campaign only spent $650,000.00 on lobbying political issues in 2013.  Only 1/4 of the amount of its top 8 salaried workers

In 2013 HRC received an estimated $56,000,000.00 in donations.

One-fourth – or 25% – isn’t the key ratio here.

It is 650000/56000000….

which is 1.16%.

Interestingly, $650,000 amounts to $1.00 for each of the people (living and dead) who Joe Solmonese claimed as HRC ‘members’ back in 2005.


Maybe they think no one will notice.

Or maybe they know that there are so few people who will give a damn that it really doesn’t matter.  After all, did that fraud cost Joe Solmonese or HRC anything nine years ago?  Did blatantly and openly committing fraud live onstage at Southern Comfort two years after that cost Joe Solmonese or HRC anything?  These people are more insulated from the lived reality of the people they claim to represent than even the richest, most obnoxious members of Congress.

After all…

Even the richest, most obnoxious members of Congress have to go through the pretense of submitting themselves to the voters every two or six years – and every once in a while, even the Koch Brothers’ money can’t prevent a defeat.

When was the last time any of you out there got to vote on who is allowed to become and/or remain part of the fake-activist caste who get to live professionally on Rhode Island Avenue and are in no way affected by the harm that HRC causes to LGBTs who live in the real world?



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