Blue Religion

That’s the term – given by a commenter to this Texas Observer item – for the insanity that a substantial portion of the populace noe adheres to: “believing cops can do no wrong, if a cop says it, it must be true.”

One of the many disturbing facts that have come to light in the weeks since Michael Brown was killed by a police officer is that for all the crime data tracked by the government, there is no central record kept of law enforcement use of deadly force. Individuals and groups have been making their own databases, but a citizen would need to file open records requests to learn about his or her community.

You may have asked yourself, “Was Michael Brown’s killing lawful? And could an unlawful shooting happen in my hometown?”

Well, good news, if you live in Houston. The Texas Observer has looked at the numbers and the answer is, no. Your police force cannot wrongly shoot you.

Hint: If you can’t smell sarcasm there, then you’re either an adherent to Blue Religion or you need a nose transplant – or both.


you know, like when someone gets up to a podium and says, “And now I’d like to say a few nice words about [     ].  I’d like to, but I can’t.”

The above is simply the Observer’s sarcastic interpretation of what someone – or some cops – could spin all of the ‘investigations’ that have taken place in Houston over the last decade to mean,

The department clears itself, so – of course – the department is innocent.

Toothless review boards can’t gather any info beyond what the department claimed cleared itself, so – of course – the department is innocent.

And so on, and so on, and so on….


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