On the Bright Side, it Isn’t Just Transsexuals Whose Identities Are Erased by Right-Wing Media

On the other hand…

I think we will hear more about the Sonny Liston defense from here on in.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg yesterday, conservative pundit Ben Stein insisted that Michael Brown, the black teenager who was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, “wasn’t unarmed” because he was “armed with his incredibly strong, scary self.”

The idea of calling this poor man ‘unarmed’ when he was six-foot-four, 300 pounds, full of muscles, apparently — from what I read in the New York Times — on marijuana, to call him unarmed is like calling Sonny Liston unarmed or Cassius Clay unarmed,” Stein said.

Calling Muhummad Ali Cassius Clay in 2014 is like…

Well, you know….

A TV Evangelist Who’s an Anti-Semite and a White Supremacist? Who’da Thunk It?

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

The FBI was investigating Paul Crouch, the co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Crouch, who died last year at the age of 79,  was one of the world’s first “televangelists.” Crouch and his wife, Jan Crouch, first began their “ministry” by renting time on a local Canadian TV station, and grew their “ministry” into TBN, a multi-million dollar international TV network which the co-founded with the now infamous grifter, Jim Bakker, and his wife, Tammy Faye Bakker.

The New York Times in 2012 reported on the TBN founders who were at the forefront of the so-called “prosperity gospel,” noting that in 2010 alone they took in $93 million in donations through their “ministry.”

Now, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, investigative journalism site MuckRock “reveals the laundry list of Crouch’s activities the FBI was monitoring or even investigating.”

Among the more interesting revelations is the claim that the FBI’s “reports accuse Crouch and his partners as being motivated by ‘anti-semitic and white supremacist,’ beliefs.”

In 1997 the FBI labeled Crouch “an anti-semitic, white supremacist” — but once they identified him as a religious figure they “conducted no further investigation.”


Special rights for christianists…

Who’da thunk it?

His Allowing of Gay Marriage Want to Trump the GENDA Need Is Number Four

From The Week:

Andrew Cuomo is the worst kind of backstabbing, triangulating “centrist” in the wretched No Labels mold. Better for liberals to beat him now, or at least make his victory as unimpressive as possible, before we have to beat him in a presidential primary down the line.

The reasoning:

There are three major reasons to ditch Cuomo.

First, Cuomo has a history of advancing nakedly conservative goals. He gave his leave to GOP-gerrymandered state districts. When state Democrats won the 2012 election anyway, he didn’t lift a finger to stop two state Democrats from switching sides. And as the Bridgegate investigation has showed, he works hand-in-glove with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on some highly suspect stuff. He just loves cutting deals with Republicans to bolster his bipartisan credentials, even if the outcomes of those deals are awful and anti-liberal.

Second, Cuomo has consistently obstructed Mayor Bill de Blasio’s agenda. Six months in, the de Blasio mayoralty looks to be off to a decent start. But the truth is that the mayor of New York simply doesn’t have that much power to institute major policy in the face of opposition from Albany, and getting Cuomo to go along has been like pulling teeth. Instead of raising taxes on the rich, Cuomo wants to cut them. He blocked rental subsidies for the homeless. Worst of all is Cuomo’s atrocious urban policy, particularly on public transportation, whose coffers he wants to raid to alleviate costs for drivers. De Blasio seems to get that New York City is absolutely dependent on its subways and buses, but like most rich people Cuomo is a driving partisan to the bone.

Third is corruption. Obviously, the Times investigation is the major mark against him here, though his campaign has also admitted to rounding up fake protesters to harass Zephyr Teachout while she is campaigning.

A walk through the sea of Cuomo’s “deep commitment to protect the rights of all New Yorkers, including those in the transgendered community” would get no one’s feet wet.

I’ve Been Making the Same Argument About Attorneys for Payday Lenders for Quite Some Time

Michelangelo Signorile at HuffPo:

I’m really getting tired of companies, politicians, donors and other entities using their support of LGBT rights — something much easier to do these days — as a way to pose as progressive, often as a PR move to blunt criticism of a bad record or even nefarious actions. And it’s time that LGBT activists stop letting them get away with it. At this point, many of these entities need us more than we need them. Let’s demand more.

The latest is Burger King, which only weeks ago unveiled “The Proud Whopper” to support LGBT pride — receiving accolades from many LGBT activists — but now is fleeing to Canada, buying up Tim Hortons, following other American companies engaged in so-called tax inversions, all to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Who cares if Burger King wraps its Whopper in the rainbow if the company is hurting the American economy, American taxpayers and American workers, including LGBT workers?

And who cares if you claim to care about women when your job is a form of financial vampirism that harms more women (and children and men) each day than all of the harm that transsexuals in the world combined could have ever possibly done to women throughout the entirety of history even if every TERF-manufactured lie about trans women was true?

On the other hand…

I can think of one law firm that every trans woman in (or outside of for that matter) Maryland – well, any trans woman who possesses any skill that might give one reasonable cause to send a resume to a law firm – should send her resume to on October 1st.

Always follow the money…

and the bugs.

Remember When I Predicted That Bob McDonnell Would Use the Arthur Corbett Defense?

Oh yes you do.

Well, it looks as though we’re one revelation away:

Just when you thought that the trial/saga of Bob McDonnell could not possible get any weirder at all, in comes the priest and things get kinky.

Bob says that he’s left his wife and is now living with a priest. And by “living” I mean oh-what-the-hell.

Last week former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell revealed during his corruption trial that he has left his wife and is now living with a Catholic priest named Wayne Ball, seen above. Father Ball, as it turns out, was once busted for having gay sex in the parking lot of a park.

When we finally get there, will Rachel Maddow – or anyone who is allowed to collect a paycheck for punditry – acknowledge that, indeed, it is the Arthur Corbett defense?  And that it resulted in April Ashley and all transsexuals in England (not to mention the United States jurisdictions that eagerly lapped up Judge Ormrod’s nonsensical decision in the case) being branded as second-class citizens for the next three decades or so?


I couldn’t stop myself from snapping an image of this just now:


which, of course, is the Crooks and Liars front page link to the item about the former-guv-and-possible-future-Baron-Rowallan…

with an interesting, uh…, number of, uh…, comments.

No laughing.

I’m looking at you Beavis.

You too, Butthead.

ISISes of a Feather?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about ISIS.

You know…

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

You know…

The ones who beheaded James Foley.

But lets not forget another ISIS:


The so-called Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality…

led by Paul Cameron:

Homosexuality is an infectious appetite with personal and social consequences. It is like the dog that gets a taste for blood after killing its first victim and desires to get more victims thereafter with a ravenous hunger.

Any bets as to whether there’s any daylight between the guy with the British accent who beheaded James Foley and Cameron when it comes to Teh Gay?

So Why Can’t HRC Have an Employee Who Has Something in Common With Laverne Cox at Least be Quoted in the Press Release?

Today the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, condemned the alleged use of taxpayer-provided equipment on Capitol Hill to spread intolerance over the Internet.

Other than HRC’s 30+ year record of not being believable when it speaks institutionally on trans issues – which, for argument’s sake, I’m actually willing to briefly overlook here – I see no problem with that paragraph of an HRC press release about the TERF congressional staff member using taxpayer-funded resources to engage in trans-exterminationism.

Reports that transphobic edits of a Wikipedia site for the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” were made anonymously from IP addresses linked to Congressional office buildings are “deeply troubling,” said Jeff Krehely, vice president and chief Foundation officer at HRC.

“At a time when more and more Americans are recognizing and upholding the rights and dignity of transgender Americans, it is an unwelcome reminder of how much work remains to be done,” says Krehely.

Again with my disclaimer about HRC’s history, I don’t see a problem with HRC’s message here.

Its the messenger.

The edits were first noted on @congressedits, a Twitter feed that automatically tracks anonymous Wikipedia edits that come from Congresional IP addresses. The same IP address has been linked to other anonymous transphobic edits on transgender-related Wikipedia pages.

“Laverne Cox not only plays an inspirational character, but has inspired so many of us as an advocate for transgender equality,” Krehely said. “She deserves much better than this.”

Yeh Jeff…

But so does every imminently-qualified trans woman who has submitted an application for gainful employment with tentacles of Gay, Inc., only to see lesser-qualified non-trans gay men and/or lesbians and/or heterosexuals hired instead.

You know…

like all of the trans women who might, at some point, have been hired by HRC which would have allowed HRC to quote a trans woman HRC employee in that press release.

Laverne Cox not only plays an inspirational character, but has inspired so many of us as an advocate for transgender equality?  So where are the ‘inspirational’ trans women employees of HRC?

Orange is the New Black?

Try Purple and Yellow are the Old, New and Continuing Transphobia.

Even when HRC looks as though its doing the right thing, it is subliminally reinforcing their orthodoxy: Under no circumstances well HRC acknowledge the legitimacy of the concept of non-tokenistic, non-‘we hired one of you people for a while so shut up about how we committed fraud against you and the entire LGBT community in 2007′ hiring of trans women.

Any bets as to whether the TERF congressional staff member who used taxpayer-funded resources to engage in trans-exterminationism has an equal-sign-festooned conspicuous consumption mobile?

Call yer bookies now while the bettin’ is hot.