Honestly ask yourselves the following question….

Has the Human Right Scampaign ever done anything – anything that the organization can actually prove that it, rather than some other organization, did – that is worth shoveling that much money into the pockets of eight individuals while trans people (as well as plenty of non-trans LGBs outside of DC, NYC and SF) are starving due to discrimination?


  1. Keep on the HRC for not delivering anything of substance to ordinary queers. It’s all about keeping themselves employed, enjoying galas and staying close to the Democratic Party. IMHO, everyone at HRC is just coasting until the day Hillary Rodham Clinton announces she’s running for president again. Then watch. Chad Griffin, who’s been tight with the Clintons for a looooooooooooong time, will put all of HRC’s money and resources and people on to one task – electing his friend Hillary.

    • I ‘fondly’ remember the early days of the 2008 primary season when Hillary gleefully pointed out that she and the Scampaign have the same initials.

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