The Gay, Inc. Scam Continues

Dan Savage was wrong (big surprise, eh?)

It doesn’t get better.

It gets worse…

exponentially worse.

From Michael Petrelis via Facebook:

Here are the salaries of the executive leadership team at HRC that they were hiding, which are combined totals from both arms of the organization:

Chad Griffin, executive director:

James Rinefierd, treasurer

Cathy Nelson, vice president

Suzanne Salkind, vice president

Fred Sainz, vice president

Robert Falk, secretary

Allison Herwitt, legislative director

Marty Rouse, national field director

As best we know, Griffin’s half-million-plus compensation makes him the highest paid executive director within the LGBT equality movement. Is he worth that salary and what exactly did he do in 2013 to warrant such pay?

Well he damn sure didn’t hire any trans women. [UPDATE:  Well, apparently, there has been a hire of a trans woman at the Cesspool, although (1) this has been secretive enough that the person is right now little more than J. Smith: TNG, and (2) take a wild guess as to which generation of trans women the hire was plucked from.  Hint: it isn’t from the generation that forced HRC to even pretend that it cares about trans people.  Prediction: Rosa, Jr. has learned from Pee Wee’s mistake, making his token hire before he lies to SCC.]

Just the $150K (or so) bump up from what Pee Wee Solmonese was pulling in could have funded three full-time, salaried positions to actually focus on trans issues (I know, I know – we all know that HRC, as an institution, actually doesn’t give a damn about whether trans people live or die, but indulge me here) instead of allowing Rosa Parks, Jr. to feather his already-overpaid nest even more.

As Melanie Nathan noted, also on Facebook:

HRC is like a huge corporation – if anti-trust laws could be applied to a non-profit they may be seen as hogging the LGBT donated dollars – if the advertizing misrepresentation consumer laws could be applied they may be seen to be using other people’s work to raise their money.

That is the point. Look at what other organizations raise – so much less than them, – because HRC spends so much time and resources and focus on acquiring membership and fund raising, and those other orgs are way more effective. HRC just has a front seat by virtue of its money – but its steering the truck offcourse.

I believe they spend more time fundraising than doing the actual work.

Melanie, the problem is that “fundraising” is HRC’s only “actual work.”

Of course, as obnoxious as the salary line items are, I find this statement on its 990 quite interesting as well:



It wasn’t all that long ago that HRC was proven to be lying through its purple and yellow teeth to bump up ‘membership total’ to around a half-mil or so by counting anyone who had ever (allegedly) given them as little as one dollar.


HRC ‘members’ include all who ever donated $1
Group won’t release count of current, dues-paying members

May 06, 2005  |   By: STEVE KOVAL

When the Human Rights Campaign claims to act on behalf of 650,000 members, the nation’s largest gay rights lobby is hoping people take notice. But the Washington, D.C. based group is probably hoping people don’t take notice of just how those “members” are counted.

Under the decade-long leadership of Elizabeth Birch, HRC’s membership numbers always climbed year-to-year.

Membership figures provided by HRC indicate rapid growth. In 1990, there were only 20,000 members; five years later there were 100,000.

By 2000, 20 years after being founded, HRC had 360,000 members. By 2003, the year Birch left, there were 500,000. Today, under new director Joe Solmonese, HRC claims 650,000 members.

In fact, those totals were guaranteed always to escalate impressively, and never to decline. That’s because HRC counts “members” in a way that will strike many as curious.

HRC membership numbers include the name of every person who has ever once given at least the minimum amount — currently $1 — and provided an address, said spokesperson Steven Fisher this week.

“The GLBT movement is unique. When we come out of the closet, we commit for life,” said Fisher, defending the membership count.

“We’re an advocacy organization and our intent is to be inclusive of everyone and never let our members go uncounted or be invisible,” he said.

HRC’s bylaws provide that “any revenue of $1 or more received by [HRC] from an individual or association, whether as a gift or payment for goods and services delivered by [HRC], shall constitute dues” for a member.

This means that someone who donated a dollar or made a small purchase from the HRC store years ago is considered from that time forward an HRC member, even in death unless HRC specifically learns of the person’s demise.

Another class of HRC supporters, called “active members,” includes those who are current with an annual dues payment of just $5, even though the HRC Web site asks for a minimum payment of $35 to join the organization.

So how now is HRC distinguishing between ‘members’ and ‘supporters’?

Or does HRC even bother?

No, it doesn’t get better.

It gets worse…

exponentially worse.

On Rhode Island Avenue, Jan. 20, 2017, will just be one more day for the overpaid and underworked to swill, tweak and lie – as another eight-year cycle begins for the permanently-employed don’t-have-to-give-a-shit class.


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  2. […] The Gay, Inc. Scam Continues […]

  3. Many thanks for picking up on our accountability research regarding the outrageous salaries at HRC. Also, a shout-out for reminding us of other b.s. at this organization. I can’t believe so many folks continue to donate to HRC.

    If you can, please link to our FB page and we hope folks will check out our alternative candidacy for the District 8 seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

    The incumbent is Scott Wiener, who is a big headache and also used to be on the HRC board of directors, FYI.

    • please link to our FB page


  4. […] This is the explanation by the Human Right Scampaign hack who is the incumbent on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that Michael Petrelis is currently running against: […]

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