I’ve Been Making the Same Argument About Attorneys for Payday Lenders for Quite Some Time

Michelangelo Signorile at HuffPo:

I’m really getting tired of companies, politicians, donors and other entities using their support of LGBT rights — something much easier to do these days — as a way to pose as progressive, often as a PR move to blunt criticism of a bad record or even nefarious actions. And it’s time that LGBT activists stop letting them get away with it. At this point, many of these entities need us more than we need them. Let’s demand more.

The latest is Burger King, which only weeks ago unveiled “The Proud Whopper” to support LGBT pride — receiving accolades from many LGBT activists — but now is fleeing to Canada, buying up Tim Hortons, following other American companies engaged in so-called tax inversions, all to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Who cares if Burger King wraps its Whopper in the rainbow if the company is hurting the American economy, American taxpayers and American workers, including LGBT workers?

And who cares if you claim to care about women when your job is a form of financial vampirism that harms more women (and children and men) each day than all of the harm that transsexuals in the world combined could have ever possibly done to women throughout the entirety of history even if every TERF-manufactured lie about trans women was true?

On the other hand…

I can think of one law firm that every trans woman in (or outside of for that matter) Maryland – well, any trans woman who possesses any skill that might give one reasonable cause to send a resume to a law firm – should send her resume to on October 1st.

Always follow the money…

and the bugs.

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