Place Your Bets Now as to Which White Texas Republican Second Amendment Absolutist Will be the First to Claim that the Second Amendment Actually is Subject to a (Great-Great-Great) Grandfather Clause

From Crooks and Liars:

Progressive radio host Thom Hartmann wonders how long it will take for Texas to change their open carry laws now that groups like the Huey P. Newton Gun Club are taking to the streets to protest.

As he discussed in the segment above, they used to have open carry in California as well, and that changed back in the 60’s when a conservative Republican state assemblyman, Don Mulford proposed legislation to put a stop to the Black Panthers showing up armed to the hilt any time they heard that an African American was being stopped on their police scanners.

Now that this is going on in Dallas, Texas, Hartmann wonders how long it’s going to take before we see the same thing happen there. As he noted, most of these open carry advocates don’t mind idiots running around with loaded firearms in public as long as they’re the right color.

My bet: Louie Gohmert to win; Rick Perry to place; Dan Patrick to show.


1 Comment

  1. “How white of us.”

    … how I loved that chapter in Moby Dick!

    b.a.r.blayk for Hell’s Belle’s l’Terroristes

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