Then Why Didn’t You Just Stay Where You Were and See if Your ‘God’ Would Cure Your Ebola Without Science?

The sound you hear right now is me vomiting – not from Ebola or any other biological disease but, rather, the knowledge that American ‘media’ cranks out this nonsense uncritically.

Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly have been cured of the Ebola virus and released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Brantly, 33, called his recovery “a miraculous day.”

“I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and reunited with my family,” he said.

He also told a news conference at Emory Hospital that “God saved my life.”


As a friend of mine just remarked on Facebook:

Umm, actually, no. Science and medicine saved Brantley’s life–and if there’s any glory to be given, it goes to the doctors, nurses, and biologists who developed the new treatment regimen.

Which begs a question beyond what I asked in the title of the post: If you really believe that an invisible boogeyman determines who lives and who dies, then why did you become a doctor, thereby declaring that you have the earthly right to step in and counter the divine murderous will of your invisible boogeyman?  If your invisible boogeyman gives someone cancer (much less Ebola), who the hell are you to give the person medicine to try to counteract your invisible boogeyman’s desire that that person die an excruciatingly painful death?


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