Now Tell Me Congress Does Not Have a TERF Infestation

Earlier I suggested that a TERF infestation might be at the root of the recent terroristic activity against Wikipedia.

I think we now have proof:

This is the third time this summer that administrators have had to block anonymous editors using House computers on grounds of “disruptive editing.”

After this most recent banning, the outlawed anti-trans user wrote, “Blocked because I disagreed with the trans-lobby? These days, If I complain about a man using the womyn’s restroom then I’m cosidered transphobic and get called a TERF. This has been happening a lot lately here in the halls of Congerss. If feeling uncomfortable about some creeper coming into the same bathroom as me is considered transphobic, then why is transphobia considered a bad thing? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Admin who banned this IP is trans. If she is a real woman, then she should should be following real Feminists like Julie Bindel, not sellouts to the trans lobby like Anita Sarkeesian. People need to understand that transgenderism is being promoted by the Patriarchy to diminish the experiences of real womyn.”


That’s a TERF.

And it wouldn’t surprise me if the TERF is a conservative Republican with an HRC bumper sticker.



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  2. […] Other than HRC’s 30+ year record of not being believable when it speaks institutionally on trans issues – which, for argument’s sake, I’m actually willing to briefly overlook here – I see no problem with that paragraph of an HRC press release about the TERF congressional staff member using taxpayer-funded resources to engage in trans-extermination…. […]

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