Where Ignorance Isn’t a Hobby, Its a Profession

That, of course, would be Houston’s Republican-shilling ‘mainstream’ newspaper, the Chronk:



The Chronk has a feature up right now about schools in the Houston area that were named after people.

Fluff, for sure, but nothing outlandish…

until you get to the listing for Hobby Elementary School.

Yes, both it and Hobby Airport were named after the William P. Hobby who served as Texas governor.

Yes, that’s a photo of him.

And, yes, that William P. Hobby served as lieutenant governor before becoming governor (following the impeachment and conviction of James “Pa” Ferguson.)

However, he was not the 37th lieutenant governor and was not the last one to serve a two-year term and did not serve as lieutenant governor for 18 years.

That would be his son, Bill Hobby, Jr.

Senior was governor from 1917 to 1921.

Junior was the 37th lieutenant governor from 1973 to 1991.

The Houston Chronk: Making a difference – a bad one.


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