Is This What’s (Been) the Matter With Massachusetts (for the Last Four Decades)?

I recently noticed this classified ad in the May 18, 1985 issue of Boston’s Gay Community News:

GCN-TS - 19850518

I have to wonder if the article in question is this, from a 1977 issue of the TERF-saturated magazine Chrysalis:

GCN-TS - 19850518 - Chrysalis

The essential exterminationist hatred embodied by that article became, in 1979, The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male.

GCN is long gone, but when it was in existence it was the more reality-centric (read: non-trans-exterminationist) of Boston’s publications.  For example, in the early 1970s it had, on occasion, actually allowed a trans woman to speak for herself.

But, of course, that was pre-Raymondism.

No, I don’t know for sure if the ‘Transsexual Empire in its embryonic form’ article was what a project ostensibly devoted to the well-being of prisoners was handing out or not…

but googling the terms “transsexualism” and “sex role power” only produces hits referring to the 1977 Chrysalis Raymondism article.

Is the GCN article availability a cause?

I dunnow…

but it sure smells like a symptom.


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