“If there’s one thing religion does well, it’s teach people to do as they’re told en masse”

From Godless in Dixie:

Today the movie God’s Not Dead comes out on DVD, and thousands of church leaders will dutifully run out to purchase their copies to show to their churches sometime in the coming weeks.  They will enthusiastically watch it and gush about how wonderful the film is and how beautifully it captures their faith.  Because movies like this will provide the only depiction of atheism most evangelical Christians have ever seen, these stories are powerful for them.  They reinforce all the stereotypes their preachers have passed on to them, and by the end of the movie they will cry and cheer and obey the movie’s instructions to text “God’s Not Dead” to everyone they know.

I’m ashamed to admit that I entered a Wal-Mart the other day – and, not surprisingly, copies of this thing were prominently displayed for impulse buying by the sub-Honey Boo Boo set.

Unfortunately, people I love will view me through the lens of this movie, which makes responding to its portrayal of atheists a personal matter for me.  I’m not just lettin’ this one go.

I won’t repost Neil Carter’s point-by-point evisceration of christianism’s libelous portrayal of all who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.  Instead, I not only encourage people to read it for themselves, I also encourage people to think about another reality: namely, that countering well-organized intentional disinformation is precisely what trans people (particularly trans women) have to spend our (unpaid, thanks to Gay, Inc’s ‘trans women need not apply’ hiring policies) time countering.  The most recent point-by-point rejoinder comes from Brynn Tannehill:

Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points

My favorite that Brynn takes down:

“Dr. Paul McHugh, retired from psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital…”

The ellipsis is hers – because its the christianists’ all-purpose dependent clause; when attached to, well pretty much anything (‘…says trans women are insane’; ‘…says trans women are men’; ‘…says SRS is useless’; ‘…says trans women are responsible for cattle mutilations in Montana), it gives christianists the almond-flavored, gaseous pseudo-intellectual bravado that they need to smother any conversation in corporate media that even looks like it might be pro-trans.

Now, if McHugh wants to say that I’m a bad person for having gone into a Wal-Mart….


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