Nineteen Years Ago Today Tyra Hunter Was Murdered

Because we all know…

Today is the 19th anniversary of a trans death that occurred in Washington DC on August 7, 1995 due to medical transphobia.

It occurred at the corner of 50th and C Streets in Southeast DC that would witness an even more horrific death several years later that is still yet to be solved.

This is the day that 24 year old Tyra Hunter was a passenger in a car that was involved in an auto accident at that Southeast DC corner and suffered injuries that had she been treated properly she would have survived.

But because of DC Fire Department EMT Adrian Williams’ transphobia, and a run in with another transphobic doctor after her arrival at the now closed DC General Hospital, failure to be treated at the accident scene and in the hospital led to her death.

…that if, under whatever circumstances one might be able to imagine, Tyra Hunter had, by deliberate and purposeful interference and inaction, caused the death of Adrian Williams, she would have been instantaneously charged with murder, convicted and disappeared to a men’s prison.

But it was Adrian Williams who killed Tyra Hunter.

The thing that really incensed the Washington DC trans community, myself and everyone else in the national trans community in the wake of the tragedy was Williams received a promotion from the DC Fire Department several years later.

He gets a promotion.

Of course…

I’m actually surprised he didn’t get a job offer from NGLTF.

After all, he wouldn’t have been the first person to land a gig there after breaking into the world of Gay, Inc. by a committing discriminatory act against a trans woman.


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