The Anti-LGBT Bias of the Houston Chronicle

Ultimately, this is all of the proof one needs of that bias:


If there is a worse photo of Houston Mayor Annise Parker out there, I (don’t) want to see it.

I’m not unreasonable. I take enough photos to know that if you rapid-fire the shutter – or even if you don’t – you’re occasionally going to get a frame where someone looks goofy.  Case in point:


That’s Pittsburgh Steelers Hall-of-Fame running back Rocky Bleier, prior to the game against the Houston Oilers at the Astrodome on Dec. 4. 1980 – in a photo snapped just at the right instant to make him look…

well, like that.

I didn’t even have a DSLR then.  Hell, I didn’t even do that with a non-digital SLR.  I did it with a piece-of-shit $15.00 110 pocket camera.

I was also 16.

And I was not a major metropolitan newspaper.

And I’m still not.

Of course, I am still showing the photo – but as an artifact.

Badly-timed photos happen – but they don’t need to be used by major ‘mainstream’ media outlets.

If the Houston Chronk somehow did not get a photo of Annise any better than the one above to run in connection with the story about the christianist election fraudsters’ petition fraud not even being good enough to get their petition on the ballot, then maybe the Chronk shouldn’t have run one at all.

The Chronk is a Republican paper for all of the Republicans who got what they wanted from Houston and then ran away to the suburbs.

Its photo of Mayor Parker and the City Attorney is pretty much all of the proof that one needs of that.


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