“If you can write $10,000 checks, how concerned are you really about employment discrimination?”

That’s a question asked by Denise Leclair on Facebook in response to this, from Queer Channel Media:

Two years ago, President Obama’s announcement that he supported marriage rights for gay couples galvanized his progressive base and prompted donors to pump money into his coffers ahead of Election Day in November 2012. But two years later,  after Obama signed an executive order barring LGBT discrimination among federal contractors, some key LGBT donors aren’t having the same enthusiastic response.

Based on comments to the Washington Blade, the sense anecdotally is that some prominent LGBT donors who were motivated to contribute to Obama’s re-election campaign after he came out for marriage equality aren’t motivated to donate to the Democratic National Committee during the congressional mid-terms.

Some donors expressed resentment over the fact that Obama withheld employment protections for LGBT workers until the sixth year of his administration.

As I’ve been saying for years: Marriage was all that ever mattered and anyone from Gay, Inc. who said differently is a liar and should be prosecuted for fraud.

All gay marriage, all the time.

Don’t believe me?

Dan Pinello, a political scientist at the City University of New York, accounted for the discrepancy between now and 2012 by saying discrimination in marriage is faced by LGBT people on a constant basis as opposed to discrimination in the workforce.

“There are a lot more LGBT people in the United States who are conspicuously being denied the right to marry than there are LGBT people who are blatantly being denied, or fired from, jobs,” Pinello said. “In other words, the sense of urgency surrounding the pursuit of marriage equality is, comparatively, enormous, while the same isn’t true of a quest for job security as a nationwide policy issue.”

To restate Denise’s question: How many people in the United States who are “blatantly being denied, or fired from, jobs” can afford to spew out $10K checks?

And please note that I didn’t even say anything about trans women being “blatantly being denied” jobs with Gay, Inc.

I think I deserve a cookie…

or, failing that, a $10K check…

or at least an HRC water bottle.

Maybe if HRC (not to mention the Democrats that HRC has ‘educated’) had actually given a shit about ENDA in the run-up to the 2010 elections, we’d actually have ENDA now for EVERYONE instead of marriage for the coupled and employment rights for the infinitesimal number of non-trans gays, lesbians and bisexuals who want employment in the military.



  1. When you’re carrying water for the TERFs, there’s nothing better than an HRC Water Bottle.

    • Good one!

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