Memo to the Federal Court in Richmond, Virginia

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Depending on whom you believe, Bob and Maureen McDonnell were either gift-grubbing and financially desperate enough to conspire to sell the governor’s office, or so dedicated to public service that the stresses of a gubernatorial term wrecked their marriage.

And its the defense – Regent ‘University’-manufactured christianist scumbag former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s and his wife’s – that is shoveling out the tabloid-esque crap in order to save their asses.

Tonight, Rachel Maddow led off with a cautionary tale about how the mainstream media (we don’t know yet if the judge and jury also) are being “played” with the so-called details of Mrs. Regent ‘University’-manufactured christianist scumbag former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell being the true guilty party due to all sorts of sex-tinged (potentially anyway) stuff.

The digest version of the legal ploy: Because the governor’s wife isn’t an official state actor, nothing she may have done – however scumbaggish – could be ‘official’ corruption, so the combined strategy is to make her look as bad as possible, thereby saving their collective bacon.

And here is where Maddow, sadly, let her increasingly evident and disturbing anti-trans (or, at the very least, trans-absenting) feelings show stop her from providing a real-life example of how someone managed to benefit in a court proceeding by employing a negative portrayal that one would not think the person would actually have wanted to do.

Only, when the person in question was not a scumbag christianist former governor with a law degree from a fake law school but, rather, a scumbag chunk of nobility who was watching the clock waiting to inherit his daddy’s title, Arthur Corbett, it was Corbett himself that he intentionally painted negatively.


Well, it wasn’t a criminal trial.

It was a divorce/annulment proceeding against his wife, April Ashley.

In both versions of her memoir (April Ashley’s Odyssey, from the 1980s, and, more recently, The First Lady) Ashley tells of sitting in court in London, listening to Corbett volunteer, in excruciating detail, his sexual activities, including some that even she had not been aware of.  In the earlier version, Ashley wrote:

Suddenly I realised what he was doing. So did my medical and legal advisers. Arthur was emphatically presenting himself as a deviate, in vivid detail, some of which was new even to me. For example, I had not realized the extent of his homosexual experiences. By adopting this confessional approach, by posing as the pervert since struck by contrition, by casting a pall of sulphurous depravity and transgression over our entire relationship, he was able to convey the impression that our marriage was no more than a squalid prank, some deliberate mockery of moral society perpetrated by a couple of queers for their own twisted amusement

Because the key issue in the case (which most probably recognize as Corbett v. Corbett) was whether transsexual woman April Ashley would be regarded as a woman for purposes of England’s opposite-sex-only marriage laws or just as one half of “a couple of queers” and, in turn, not the wife of the future Baron Rowallan and, in further turn, not entitled to anything emanating from their 1963 marriage.

It would be nice if Rachel Maddow would give her viewers a real-life, historical example of when one side in a very prominent legal case won by painting itself as negatively as possible – and if she used Corbett v. Corbett as that example (at least if she didn’t pull a TERF job as to Ashley) it would go a long way toward removing what many feel is a TERF cloud hanging over her head.

But I’m not holding my breath.

It will be nicer if the United States District Court in Richmond, Virginia doesn’t let the McDonnells collectively get away with using the Arthur Corbett defense to stay out of prison.

I’ll at least think about holding my breath on that.

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