…But What About Sue Hyde’s Employer?

You know…

the one that for over a decade implicitly declared to the world that no trans people of any level of experience were more qualified than a non-trans just-out-of-law-schooler to be that organization’s gainfully-employed trans expert?


The above was how a future NGLTF (permanent?) employee spent part of her summer vacation in 1977.

If you notice, one of her co-conspirators was Lisa Vogel, longtime perpetrator of the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval.

Surprisingly, a certain non-NGLTF tentacle of Gay, Inc. just expressed thoughts re: the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval.

Post submitted by Beth Sherouse, HRC Senior Content Manager

Although I’ve never attended a Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, I always loved the idea of a female-centered musical space, where women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds could gather to enjoy the music that shaped so many of our queer/feminist identities. What has never made sense to me or many of my queer feminist friends is Michfest’s attempt to exclude trans women from this celebration.

While the organizers continue to insist that excluding trans women is not an official policy, their “intention” that the festival cater exclusively to “womyn born womyn” serves to further marginalize trans women, denying them access to one of the only exclusively female spaces in our society.

I and my many colleagues at the Human Rights Campaign stand in solidarity with Equality Michigan, the Indigo Girls and the many other proud feminists calling on MichFest to live its mission and provide a place for all women to celebrate.

The sad thing is that the paragraph I’ve put in bold allows the immediate reaction by a certain terroristic anti-trans hate group (that I have no intention of linking to) to have a slight veneer of possible accuracy.

This blog post does not represent HRC policy, as the organization would not delegate such a policy declaration to a fellow who has been with the organization for two weeks.

I actually suspect that that is a fully accurate sentence (possibly the first one ever from GIW, but I digress….)

I have no idea if Beth Sherouse is a trans woman or not (I’d never heard of her before news of the HRC blog post surfaced; she appears to have come to the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool via the History Department at USC – not the one in California, but instead South Carolina), but if she is, then, if my count is accurate, she is only the second one to ever collect a paycheck from it (and, whether trans or not, she appears to be at the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool on limited two-year gig.)  HRC’s ability to put on an inclusivity show has increased only slightly in the decade since the trans community finally began openly picketing the organization.  When HRC adopted a very lawyerly-worded policy of ENDA inclusion support after the second of those protests in 2004 (you know, just in time for HRC to praise the exclusion of trans people from the Topeka gay rights ordinance – you know, also just in time for the lead mouthpiece of the Bain Capital of gay journalism to declare that ENDA had been “trans jacked”), the word was that the HRC power structure was as divided over it as the Supreme Court usually is on any case of any substance.

I refuse to believe that an organization that, even while trying to con the LGBT community (as well as the public at large) into believing that it is not as transphobic as the cadre of lesbians who signed the 1977 manifesto demanding that Olivia Records engage in employment discrimination against Sandy Stone, could only bring itself to hire one trans woman in the aftermath of the 2007 ENDA fraudfest, does not still have an executive majority that desires (or, for that matter, is incapable of a de facto enforcement of) a ‘trans women need not apply’ policy.

Countdown to Sherouse being disappeared from HRC in 3…2…1….


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